The history of pasta
1 November 2019

5 typical Piedmont dishes made with pasta

Staples dedicated to Pasta is always pleasing and surprising.  Irrespective of the gender or age, Pasta is still the best.  The reason is that it goes down well with a variety of food.  In this editorial, Piedmont Pasta Factory has made a conscious effort to do strict analysis of typical piedmont dishes made with Pasta; it is based in Langhe.  Have it in the back of your mind that when cooking your Pasta, the right texture is essential to make it firm and chewy.  When we talk about culinary delights, Piedmont is rich in so many tasty and regional dishes that you need to taste.  In particular, this cuisine is different from other recipes in another Italian region as the Olive hardly grows in this specific region.  Therefore, Piedmont dishes are mostly prepared with lard and butter, which makes it richer.  Mostly, Piedmont people eat a lot of rice, but when they do eat rice, it is always delicious when prepared.  The Pasta that people consume the most in Piedmont is fresh egg pasta, but they also make Ravioli, Agnolotti, Stagioni

Fresh Egg Pasta

The making of raw egg pasta is straightforward, and it tastes fantastic.  Being particular about the eggs, it gives the Pasta a tasty bite and a sensory experience that you cannot have ordinarily with dried Pasta.

Filled Pasta Shaped Ravioli

This particular type of Pasta comprises of a filling, which is enveloped in a dough made with thin Pasta.  It is always served with a sauce, given the fact that its origin is from Italian cuisine.  They are mostly square, although, some other forms are still made looking like dumplings.  Ravioli have fillings that are comprised of meat, vegetable, and cheese.  The formation of Ravioli is undertaken by taking a layer of flat Pasta and then topping it with a filling.  After you have done that, another layer is placed right on top to make it pillow-like.  To finalise, you will need to seal the edges just to ensure it keeps the filling in.


This is a type of pasta dish that is typically made and eaten by people in Italy, the Piedmont region to be precise.  For its preparation, you will have to make a flattened pasta dough which you will then fold over vegetable or roasted meat.


It is another egg pasta, but it is made with an egg-yolk which makes it rich and long.  This is made locally with farm eggs with orange yolks.

Others include spicy Pasta with fish and Tajarin pasta.

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