Passion for the product, passion for the earth


Piedmont, early 70s: a gentleman from Turin, fascinated by the culinary traditions of his wife's family, originally from the area, began to walk through the Langhe and Roero countryside collecting old recipes.

This was Domenico Massucco, first food merchant and then founder of Alfieri, the first Italian pasta factory entirely dedicated to enhancing the tradition of Langhe pasta, in particular Tajarin.

The challenge is not one of the easiest: it is about recreating the flavors of pasta and condiments handmade at home by women in a world very different from the past, not only in the gastronomic field, but above all in terms of technology.

Domenico immediately realized that the bet could be won only by creating a network of strong collaboration with the producers of the area, in order to ensure the supply of the most genuine ingredients similar to those used by the grandparents, mechanizing the processing stages of the pasta.

This is the reason why even in the pasta factory some things are done by hand, such as packaging, and maximum attention is given to controlling the whole supply chain, in order to preserve the organoleptic and gustatory characteristics of the ingredients.

To safeguard the quality of the products it was necessary to develop a special technology, cold rolling, which unlike the more common drawing fully safeguards the pasta's flavors and nutritional properties.

The drying takes place slowly in a steam oven, avoiding any alteration of the final product and recreating the same result of the traditional process, when the Tajarin were left to dry in the sun in the courtyards.

Over the years, Alfieri began producing other traditional products. Not only the traditional sauces and condiments of Southern Piedmont, but also other specialties of the area such as fruit preserves, some desserts, truffles and appetizers. Next to the pasta factory, there is a shop which offers various typical products of the Mediterranean diet, such as anchovies, oil, bread sticks and high quality semolina pasta.

In this way we experience the Alfieri taste. Good and simple like the pasta made by our grandmothers, unique as the tradition of this generous land, of which our company preserves and passes on with dedication, patience, and passion.

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Domenico Massucco